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Tile & Stone
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The use of natural stone to furnish our living areas is not a recent innovation. Stone, which has been untouched for millions of years, is now being unearthed and quarried to bring a natural beauty to our homes.

Fashions come and go but marble, travertine and limestone has always been highly valued and sought after as the creme de la creme of the natural stone world.

The Capital Tile & Stone product range stretches the boundaries of contemporary and traditional designs. European and American influences bring together a cocktail of colour, textures and finishes to make a bold statement in your living areas.

Our main aim is to provide our customers with quality products, on a consistent and timely basis, at a competitive price while offering the service you would expect from a leading supplier.

Today it is possible for you to see the products of Capital Tile & Stone in all areas where natural stone is used in beautiful forms.

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