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Reclaimed Brick
Capital Reclaimed Bricks offers it clients' a range of products which have matured and acquired character over many years.

Because no two bricks are ever the same, they give a feeling of individuality and warmth to the places we live in. The colours, textures and shapes offer unlimited possibilities for your designs and ideas.

Our range is shown here to give an indication of a typical example of each product. However, the nature of reclaimed bricks means that their colours are changing from region to region around the UK. We do therefore, recommend that samples are viewed of the bricks we currently hold in stock.

As our client base is so diverse, we have stockists of reclaimed bricks throughout the country - and if one of our stockists hasn't got what you need, we can send it you direct from our depot.

So, regardless of the quantity required - you select your product - we deliver.

Choose Capital.