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Tile & Stone
Clay bricks have been the core construction material for 5000 years. Their diversity of colours and textures offer the designer a multitude of expressions.

First impressions count. When we look at a building we immediately decide whether the façade creates a positive notion within us.

Bricks manufactured in the same place with the same clay can be massively different in appearance. This is brought about purely by their production process. From crisp sharp arises of extruded wirecut bricks to the creased natural appearance of handmades and stocks.

But it is not just the aesthetic merits that make us choose bricks for our construction medium; name any other product which can be used to insulate, protect against the elements, preserve its' appearance for generations, be impervious to fire and at the same time be a product created purely from unearthed materials. This is why we choose bricks.

Because bricks offer so many constructive properties this naturally presents a huge range of situations where they can be applied.

From property renovations, self-build projects, civil engineering, commercial developments, public buildings, recreational areas and housing projects - there will always be a brick which can meet specific demands essential to architects' requirements.

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